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User Experience (UX)

UX defines the Why, What and How of your site. Is it simple? Does the user know where to go? UX design is about creating websites that actually do what you want them to do.

Conversion Optimization

Increasing the percentage of visitors that convert into customers, or take a desired action, can lead to an increase on your bottom line. Conversion optimization makes the most of your existing traffic.

A/B Testing

The best way to find the right UX design is to test and refine it. Relentlessly. We use A/B testing and persona testing to help us, and you, know that the audience is there.

Persona Planning (Target Audience)

Getting into the mind of your clients and customers is vital if you’re going to deliver a digital experience they actually want to engage with. We use qualitative and quantitative research to develop user personas to build your site around.

Iterative Design

It's a simple concept. Design, test, improve, repeat. We're in this to win and we want you to have the best possible website for release to the market.

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