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Consultation Services

Before we start anything, of course, we’ll evaluate your current marketing strategy. We look long and hard to see what’s working for you and what should be stopped, changed, or continued. Our consultation process is collaborative and cooperative, we partner with our clients to better understand your situation.

Client Rescue

Was your site built in the dark old days of the internet? Are you locked out of your CMS because you’ve lost the passwords, or you don't have system administration permissions? Do you even know what system administration permissions are? Don't worry, we do. And we’re on hand to step in and bring some clarity to the chaos.

Client-to-Partner Selection

We all want to avoid nasty surprises. You expect a return on your investment and we intend to produce one, but not every relationship is a match. Success is directly tied to our mutual compatibility, and our services are tailored to work best with an annual marketing budget.

Concept Design

The idea behind the execution. Our web architects can help solve the business problems facing your law firm. From discovery to planning, we’ll tease out the underlying logic to help you design a solid plan for your project.

Technical Audit

Our team of experts are on hand to evaluate your technology, offering advice and recommendations to make sure your set up is working for your law firm instead of against it.

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