Marketing and COVID-19: Short Brief

Since ICONA’s inception in 2006 as a virtual marketing company, we’ve utilized many effective technology strategies to optimize businesses’ digital marketing and online presence. We’ve researched the current user landscape and we’d like to briefly share our knowledge and insights with you about how to maximize the results of digital marketing during this uncertain time.

Google Ads Marketing During COVID-19

As of March 31, 2020, we’ve noticed a significant drop in Google B2C and B2B searches as people are more focused on researching the virus. If you're concerned about expenses and your service cannot be made “virtual”, consider pulling back on some of the expenditure with your Google Ads budget. Conversely, if you are able to reshape your service offer to fit this new virtual landscape and it can be provided remotely, we can work together to support this marketing strategy moving forward.  

SEO Maximization

Organic traffic in all industries is down, and we’ve observed a drop in overall search demand and conversions due to the increase in demand for information about COVID-19. But it’s important to recognize that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains the most important marketing component in Google; and now is the time to double down. 

SEO emphasis should be maintained, and even escalated, because this time will pass. Your firm’s standing at that time will dramatically affect your business. Once people return to Google to do their research for their legal matters, your company will want to have secured prime positioning to facilitate the conversion click-throughs that lead to new clients. More so now as the competition scales back. SEO pressure is vital.

Email Communication

Connecting with your clients is now more important than ever and direct communication by email is the best way. Even though face-to-face interactions are not currently viable, it is important to let your clients know that you are remotely set up and maintaining the continuity of their work. This isn’t the time to hard sell but to reassure your clients that you are accessible and available to help. Reach out, reassure, be reliant.

Keep safe and well.