Time For A Website Redesign?

Is it time to give your website a refresh?

A blown lightbulb, the tires on your car, the radio station when a song you just can’t stand comes on…sometimes it’s easy to spot when something needs to be changed.

That’s not always the case for your digital presence though, especially for lawyers who can often be so busy representing their clients that they don’t have time to step back and think about something like their firm’s website.

Like so many other sectors, the legal industry is experiencing a seismic shift in the way that it conducts its business right now. And, with people using search engines to solve just about all of their problems, even legal ones, your digital presence has never been more important.

As a result, updating your website can be crucial to ensuring that your firm is bringing in new business and getting the exposure it deserves. But how can you tell if your website is in need of a refresh?

Here are a few key questions to ask yourself…

Am I ashamed to send clients to my website?

Be honest, are you ashamed of your website? Are you embarrassed to even have your domain name on your business cards? This is more common than you might think. In fact because of the rapid pace at which our digital world is evolving, even a website that might have been the envy of your peers just a few years ago could be outdated by today’s standards.

It could be that your content is stale or that your information is out of date. You might have even received complaints that your website won’t load properly on all devices and that it’s difficult to navigate. Whatever makes you ashamed of your website, however, it’s vital that you put it right. You can guarantee that if you’ve noticed usability issues so have your visitors.

First impressions count, and that’s particularly true of the online world where people's minds are made up seconds, if not milliseconds, after they land on a website. Given that prospective clients’ first touchpoint with your law firm will often be online, it’s vital that your website looks great as well as reflecting who you are and what you do. If it doesn’t, then it’s definitely time for a refresh.

Does my website work?

Sometimes it’s not even about how your website looks, indeed more often than not customers come to us asking for help because their website simply isn’t performing.

It could be that your website takes an eternity to load or that it's not user friendly on a mobile device. Ultimately if your website doesn’t work well it will have a knock-on effect on your conversions, as your prospects will simply click away - likely to one of your competitors whose website is better optimized.

What about load times?

In an age where attention spans are getting shorter, your prospects simply won’t wait around for your site to load. According to data released by Google 53% of mobile site visits leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. That’s a staggering figure, one that’s made even more alarming given the same research showed that more than half of overall web traffic now comes through mobile networks.

In short, speed equals revenue, so if your website is slow then it’s time to give it a tune-up.

Is my website performing?

Beyond the technical aspects, it’s important to ask whether your website is actually achieving what you want it to?

Ultimately the goal of your site is to generate revenue, so in order to do that, it needs to encourage potential clients to contact you. There are many different ways this can be achieved. It might be through clear massaging, good design or functionality. It could be through expert content, client testimonials, improved SEO, or even thought leadership. Sometimes it can be a combination of all of these tactics and more.

Whatever the solution may be, if your website isn’t causing your phone to ring then it isn’t performing - and that means it’s time for a refresh.

Are my competitors outperforming me?

Competition is fierce, particularly in the legal sector. As a result, firms need to do everything in their power to stand out from the crowd and often your website is the first point to achieving this.

Whether it’s fair or not, if your competition has a better designed, better functioning, and better optimized website than you they will win over more prospects - even if they can’t hold a candle to your expertise.

It’s not just about keeping up with the Joneses LLP either.

Ensuring your website is up to date and in line with modern trends is important, but often it’s a case of outperforming your competition. Indeed your website could look just as good as your competitors’ on the surface, but it’s what’s under the hood that really counts when it comes to winning business online.

So if you think that your website is being left behind by the competition then it’s time to pick up the phone and ask for help.

How we can help

Redesigning your website is a big deal. It’s an exciting project that could have huge implications for your law firm. So it’s important that you choose to partner with an agency that is just as excited about the project as you are. What’s more, it’s vital that you choose an agency to partner with that’s got the skills to make your law firm’s website a success.

Experience is key. You want to work with an agency that not only has a track record of delivering great websites, but an agency that understands the importance of this project to your law firm and understands how crucial it is to get things right the first time around.

At ICONA we understand the legal sector better than almost any other agency. We’re a senior level full-service legal marketing agency that boasts the kind of in-depth knowledge that few agencies can claim. We have years of experience working in the legal sector, with a track record for producing great websites that are on time, on budget, on point, and most importantly convert prospects into clients.

Our experience in legal marketing means that we understand what lawyers and law firms are looking for. We understand and respect the Law Society's Code of Conduct for marketing, but we can push these limits without going over the line to the benefit of our clients. We also understand that you are running a business, that’s why we take a no-nonsense business-first approach to our online marketing projects.

We don’t just think about the short term either. We’re in this for the long-haul and that means that you can expect to work closely with us as we deliver the continual support you need to ensure that your digital marketing is running at full capacity both now and in the future.

If you have any questions about redesigning your website please do get in touch, we’d be happy to help.