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For this brand refresh, ICONA created a new website with emphasis on Dunn & Associates' deep expertise in vigorous litigation to help their clients continue their livelihoods, and protect their reputations.

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I have been practicing Criminal Law for over 20 years and over that time have watched the ‘business’ of criminal law change dramatically.   There was a time when lawyers never used to advertise at all, your reputation was the only advertising you needed.  Those days are long gone.  As a gen X-er I found myself behind the 8 ball and constantly playing catch up when it came to our online presence - we lacked the tech savviness of some of my younger colleagues, our advertising budget was outdated, our website was archaic and we were getting killed in the rankings.  Dave and his team at Icona were the hired guns I needed to even the playing fields and put us back to the top. Shout out to Dave and Raph for not just talking the talk but delivering the walk.

- Greg Dunn

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Conversion rate increase in year one 245% 

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