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ICONA offers responsive web design, mobile development, SEO services, and content marketing in Calgary. We are a collective of accomplished marketing and communication professionals that believe in a more personal level of service. Our core philosophy is one of cooperation and collaboration. Your business is managed by the same contact from start to end, and when you work with us you get exactly what's needed to create your marketing solution, with no extra stuff to pay for. We'll find the right mix for you. Better, stronger relationships deliver better, stronger results.

  • Calgary Website Design company. Small in size. Big in delivery.

    Smaller is better, both for you and for us. We only take on the work we can deliver superior creative for. Every client is a marquee client.

  • Search Engine Optimization Services. Big in delivery. Small in cost.

    With our team of senior professionals, you get the same kind of big thinking that would normally cost an arm and a leg elsewhere. With ICONA, you always get great results.

  • Calgary Responsive Mobile Design. Working for you. And also with you.

    Our core philosophy over our fifteen years is one of cooperation and collaboration. We're a creative business with a relationship focus.

  • Calgary Website Developers. Friendship fosters quality.

    Because we only promise what we can deliver, you're never going to get stuff that was rushed or pushed off to the end. Meet your new best friends.

Dave Taillefer, B.Sc.Dave Taillefer LinkedIn

Founder & Business Director

Dave Taillefer is Business Director and is an SEO services and SEM Analyst with ICONA Calgary

    As ICONA’s business director, Dave is responsible for leading ICONA’s growth & development strategy. Having developed and sold 2 web firms, Dave founded ICONA in 2006 and has grown it into a successful digital marketing agency.

    Dave holds a bachelor degree in science from Concordia University. He draws his ideas from a broad background, bringing a unique fusion of science and creativity to ICONA's projects.


Raphaelle Labman, B.A.Raphaelle Labman LinkedIn

Production Director

Raphaelle Labman manages website design and content management system CMS development as Project Coordinator with ICONA Calgary

    Since joining ICONA in 2007, Raphaelle has been responsible for overseeing ICONA’s projects, and has worked to develop the company culture of approachable collaboration and team work.

    As production director, she engages directly with clients for communications and project management. Raphaelle received a bachelor degree in liberal arts from the University of Victoria.

The best way to have
A friend is to be a friend.

We've learned a few things along the way. As important as the final work is (and it's really important), the process of getting it to you is just as vital. So we treat our clients like we treat our friends. We've got your back. Expect honesty, patience, and accountability. And maybe the odd lunch, now and then.

Meet Our Team
Chasook Chun is the Interactive Designer, Web Designer and Art Director of ICONA Calgary

Chasook Chun

Consultant – Art Director

Chasook brings 12 years of agency experience combining the disciplines of print and interactive design, and applies best practices from each to create fresh web experiences that engage audiences.

Client Experience: Kodak, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Motorola, and Samsung, Kraft, and GM.

Christopher Staley is Senior programmer & content management systems CMS developer at ICONA Calgary

Christopher Staley

Solutions Lead

Christopher is an Internet technology professional with over 15 years experience in web technologies, business needs, and project life-cycles. With a strong focus on web standards and open source technologies, Chris has had the opportunity to for a large array of local, national, and international clients.

Client Experience: Bayer CropScience, Hockey Calgary, Virgin Mobile, HBO, General Motors, Old Dutch, Wendy’s, Clorox, and Chevrolet.

Quinn Merio is a Programmer and Technical Lead for User Experience UX and Information Architecture IA at ICONA Calgary

Quinn Merio

Experience Architect

Quinn has been immersed in digital interactive design and development for over 17 years, and balances technical acumen with a strong vision for user experience and information architecture.

Client Experience: Kellogg’s, Coca Cola, Accenture, Husky Energy and Big Rock Brewing.

Daniel Guttenberg Calgary Search Engine Optimization SEO and Content Marketing Strategist with ICONA Calgary

Daniel Guttenberg

Content Marketing & SEO

A web-focused Content Marketer for the better part of a decade, Daniel enjoys both the art and the science of SEO writing. Through proper keywording and pithy turns of phrase, he turns blogs and web copy into attention-grabbing and client-converting treasure troves.

Client Experience:Microsoft, Seattle Ebikes,,

Jennifer Mērio is the Brand Identity, Logo and Strategic Marketing expert with ICONA Calgary

Jennifer Merio

Brand Consultant

With over 15 years of experience, Jennifer's work has evolved from designing print collateral to planning and creating digital executions, and has built award-winning campaigns for several B2C clients.

Client Experience: Big Rock Brewery, Brookfield Homes, University of Alberta, PCL Construction and Calgary Chamber.

AJ Valadka is the Photographer and Creative Design Photography Expert with ICONA Calgary

AJ Valadka


Schooling in Vancouver and under studying in Toronto, Aleksas has established himself in Calgary’s photographic community, developing relationships with national magazines and business clientele.

Client Experience: U of C, SAIT, Meyers Norris Penny, Baker Hughes Canada, Alberta Venture

Our Clients

We've been at this for over a decade, but here is a roster of a few of our most recent clients.

  • Web Design Development for AB Government Calgary Green Building Symposium
  • Responsive Web Design Brand identity Canadian Cattlemen's Association
  • Website Design Green Party of Canada Calgary candidate Heather Macintosh
  • Web Development Content Management System CMS SAIT Polytechnic Calgary
  • Search Engine Optimization SEO Services Telus International Vancouver
  • Web Design SEO Services University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine Calgary
  • Web Development Web Hosting Alberta Health Services
  • Content Management System CMS Web Hosting Bentall Kennedy Calgary
  • Web Design & Development Web Hosting Burnet, Duckworth and Palmer

Our Services

ICONA has helped clients with the planning of strategy and creative for over a decade. In that time we've delivered on projects across a comprehensive spectrum of marketing and communications.

  • Planning /Strategy

    • Usability and website analytics
    • Responsive design planning
    • Marketing needs analysis
    • Strategic planning/ roadmap
    • Information architecture and wire-framing
  • Creative Design

    • Website design
    • Brand, logo, and corporate identity
    • Creative concepts and art direction
    • User experience UX design
    • Interaction design
    • Copy/content development
  • Media Distribution

    • Search engine optimization (SEO services)
    • Social media marketing
    • SEO Friendly Web Hosting
    • E-mail and digital campaign management
    • Traditional advertising and media buying
  • Technology Services

    • Website development
    • Application development
    • Mobile development
    • Content management systems
    • Database architecture
    • E-commerce and web services

Case Studies

  • Branding logo and corporate identity case study
  • Mobile responsive web design & web development case study
  • Website design user experience UX & interaction design case study
  • Content management systems & database architecture case study


Canadian Cattlemen's Association

ICONA has been a solid partner with the Canadian Cattlemen's Association for over ten years. In that time we've been trusted with numerous projects including their website design and email newsletter program, and have managed their day-to-day release of information across a number of subsidiary groups. The CCA is the voice for over 68,000 cattle farms across Canada and needs to speak to different audiences within the broad group, including lobbying the government on key issues. ICONA worked with the CCA to conduct research into the different personas that used that site and then developed information architecture and wireframes that organized the content in ways easily useable to the various types of visitors. Once the updated site was refined strategically we created a custom, responsive design for it.

Website Design, Planning and Strategy, Search Engine Optimization SEO

TELUS International (Philippines)

SEO services website design a TELUS International case studyTELUS came to ICONA for help in staffing their global call centre services in the Philippines, a new division for the telecom at the time. The website we designed needed to appeal to residents of the country that could work as service providers in consumer electronics, financial services, and utilities – a typically very competitive market. To ensure the site found the right people we put together a robust SEO services strategy to guide the process. ICONA first researched the competition then analyzed keyword terms to target areas that were not already saturated. We created content that positioned the website specifically to these audiences and then ensured that the SEO strategy was working by testing and adjusting the tactics used. Knowledge gleaned through the exercise was also prioritized on the TELUS International parent site to better help their global positioning. By maximizing the indexing of search engines and optimizing keywords (SEO services Calgary, North America, Asia), ICONA was able to help TELUS achieve an 64% increase in website traffic, correlating to the hiring of 1,001 key personnel (2007).

  • Search Engine Marketing services needs analysis Tela Condos case study
  • Branding identity logo & planning strategy Tela Condos case study
  • Creative design & Photography Tela Condos case study
  • Website Design & Social Media Marketing Tela Condos case study
  • Content management system CMS Tela Condos case study

Website Design, Brand Identity & Logo, Art direction, Photography, Creative Design


tela is Italian for fabric. And also a collection of 51 stunning suites located in the midst of Calgary's vibrant Mission neighborhood. But at one time, it was a project with plans and ideas, but no personality. ICONA was chosen to create the identity and marketing materials for this unique project. We developed the identity and brand and produced everything they needed to share their concept with Calgarians, including the sales centre, advertising, and website. We shot custom photography and built in a content management system so tela could update and manage their website autonomously.

  • Information architecture & UX case study
  • Responsive mobile website design case study
  • SEO services & Content Marketing case study
  • Social media promotion case study

Website design, Responsive Design, Search Engine Optimization SEO

Susan Karpa

If you search for ‘Calgary criminal lawyer’ in Google™ the first page you will find is Susan Karpa thanks to our Calgary SEO services. When Susan approached ICONA to create a new website for her law firm we didn’t just develop a unique look and feel. We did that, made it accessible on mobile devices through responsive design, then set her up to be #1 through some other ways to help her stand out from the competition. Implementing and refining effective and ethical SEO services and techniques, as well as some well kept secrets from our accredited professionals at Google™, Yahoo!™, bing™ , behind the scenes tricks, propelled the site to the top of the charts with Google™. If you should ever happen to need a criminal lawyer, picking the one at the top of the list feels like a good way to go.

  • Mobile website responsive design case study
  • Creative concepts and art direction case study
  • SEO Website Hosting case study
  • Search engine optimization case study
  • Photography case study

CREATIVE DESIGN, Photography, Website Design, Responsive design

Bike Bike

BIKE BIKE is a Calgary based shop dedicated to citizen cycling and to bicycle activism. For ICONA, this project was more than simply blueprinting a new website to feature products, instead it was critical to reflect the culture and lifestyle that the shop stands for and has helped foster in the city. Bike Bike is an intimate and personal type of store, a hub for a growing scene and culture: bicycles for all. A timeless aesthetic captures the feeling of the previous era of cycling, from before it became recognized mostly as sport. To better extend their personality we shot custom photography on the pathways of the city, featuring Bike Bike customers on their own rides. The result is a web presence that fulfills the necessity of product information, but more importantly has helped shape the look of a community, while also acting as a destination about events and news related to bicycle advocacy. Bike Bike visitors often end up involved in bicycle culture dialogue and the shop's Twitter feed has a healthy 3,000+ followers, and growing.

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